Jozie Stork

About Me

Jozie Stork is a senior at Lawrenceville High School. She is the daughter of Amy and Joe Stork. In High School Jozie has been involved in FCA, CEO, and Church Activities for the Community. After high school she plans on going to college to be an accountant, so she can handle her own critical financial decisions. Jozie enjoys going to school and learning new things everyday. She plans to start her own cleaning business that will help out people in need. Jozie plans on having her own cleaning products and using organic or chemical based supplies. She plans to continue her CEO business after high school as well. Jozie wants to help people live a clean and healthy lifestyle, so there won’t be worries of a messy house or building. CEO will help her achieve her dreams. It is a great learning experience. 


“Allow your dreams to lead you rather than allowing your problems to push you.” — Okorote Emmanuel, Don’t Take Care; Take The Chance!

About My Business

My name is Jozie Stork and I am the Proud owner of Sunny Spiritz.  I own a Janitorial Service called SunnySpiritz that specializes in cleaning residential and commercial spaces. My mission is to provide a reliable cleaning service, creating a happier and cleaner environment for my customers. Whether tidying up the house or meticulously scrubbing a food truck, every moment spent cleaning has been a source of genuine enjoyment for me.






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