Kenidee Boldt

About Me

 Kenidee Boldt is a senior at Lawrenceville High School. She is the daughter of Lance Boldt and Brittany Boldt. A few fun facts about Kenidee. 1. She has moved to 3 schools 2. She was valedictorian of her class 3, She was the basketball player of the year back in Mt. Vernon. Kenidee is involved in not only being in CEO, but basketball, softball, and FCA. In the past she was involved in student council, volleyball, and other activities as well. A big part of her life is God, and her relationship with her family. After high school, Kenidee wants to pursue business/marketing possibly business within the medical field-but she knows she wants to stay in that particular area. Completing a 4 year college has always been the goal for Kenidee, but right now she isn't sure if she wants to go to a junior college then transfer.  CEO has always been something Kenidee has wanted to do. She believes that CEO will give her a head start into the business world and will help her learn time management and a step into adulting! 


Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about." -Marilyn Monroe”

About My Business

I am Kenidee Boldt. The owner of KB Marketing. I use digital marketing for small busineses around the area.   I help businesses who are short staffed or can’t find the time to make the posts they need to grow and increase their social media presence.  CEO has taught me there is so much that goes into even the smallest businesses. I find it so inspiring and I am so greatful I joined.





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