Jasmine Beasley

About Me


Jasmine Beasley is a senior at Lawrenceville High School. She hopes to be more involved with her community and school. Jasmine chose to be in the  Lawrence County CEO Program to learn more about being an entrepreneur and get college credits. She was involved in the art club and book club last year . She enjoys going to school and being with friends and being social in her community. One of her memorable moments is when she and her friends decorated their parking spaces.  Jasmine is interested in using resin for her business and plans to do a bunch of things with it. Resin can be made into many different things, She wants to do a variety of things with it. Jasmine hopes to manufacture table top resin, She thinks it would be a fun experience. Her plans are to continue her business after CEO. After high school Jasmine plans to go to college to complete coursework for wildlife biology. She has always loved animals and hopes to study them. Jasmine hopes being in CEO will help her to get me out of her comfort zone and push my limits. 

About My Business


Hello, I’m Jasmine Beasley. I’m the owner of Sunflower Resin, I create products out of epoxy resin. At Sunflower Resin our mission is to create good quality products that are also cute for your home. We aim to make people happy when they look at our products and appeal to their emotions. We strive to have different products that can appeal to everyone. 






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