Kailyn Perry

About Me


I am Kailyn Perry and  a senior at Red Hill High School. I joined CEO to become a more outgoing person, and to better my chances of a successful future. I hope to create a business that will better the community in a big way. I am interested in continuing my business on the side or even just as a hobby, and I hope to pursue a career in art. Art is my passion and I want to be able to use my skills later in life. I have not decided where I want to go to college yet, but I am researching various colleges in the area as I consider my options. 

About My Business

For my CEO business I am making unique handcrafted jewelry and I will be offeribg a variety of earrings, necklaces and bracelets in mutiple styles.  I was inspired to make jewelry by a very important person in my life that passed away not too long ago, and some of the fondest memories I have are with her, chatting endlessly while admiring all of the jewelry she had collected over a lifetime. For us, sitting and looking at jewelry for hours on end was nothing bizarre, and was often what we chose to do for fun. Without fail we would find something new that we hadn’t seen on the previous treasure hunt, and that was what made it so memorable. I wanted to have a business with a personal meaning behind it, and I immediately knew I wanted Linda to be a part of this adventure too somehow, and that’s how Monarch Jewelry started. To see more about our business and view jewelry items available for purchase, we can be found on Facebook @Monarch Jewelry.







DISC Characteristics

  • Self-reliant, Assertive
  • Reflective, Reserved
  • Flexible, Dependable
  • Critical thinker, Systematic